Knuckle Shield

Knuckle Shield

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Important Note: HCH® protective shields must be worn with this product in order to work. The shields can be purchased separately here, or together in a starter pack

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When fitting pants: Waist measurements required only; best if person is standing. In larger sizes, if the person’s waist measurement is on the border of sizes shown on the chart and a snug fit is preferred, you may want to choose the next size down. View size chart.

 Size Underwear (cm) Trackpants (cm)
XXS 50-60 -
XS 60-70 65-75
S 70-80 75-85
M 80-90 85-95
L 90-100 95-110
XL 100-120 105-120
XXL 110-140 -
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Over 20 Years of Dedication 

To falls prevention and hip protection 

100% Australian Made  

Manufactured, owned and operated

Therapeutic Goods Administration  

Registered Manufacturer

National Disability Insurance Scheme

We work closely with participants and providers


Product Information

Protect the delicate skin around your knuckles while enjoying full mobility of your fingers. Our knuckle protector covers the back of hand in a plush foam shield, leaving the palm area open. Easy to put on and remove, comfortable enough to wear for hours. 


Made in New Zealand in an exclusive HCH® x Delloch collaboration. 


The delicate skin on the backs of our hand is more prone to damage as we age, or as a result of blood thinning medication. Wearing protective gloves can be cumbersome, particularly for those with decreased dexterity. The HCH® hand protector provides a comfortable, unobtrusive everyday solution.  


Looking for protection for the entire hand? See our complete hand protectors


• Unique design enables the wearer to enjoy full use of the hand and all finger
• Comfortable and unobtrusive
• Suitable for machine wash and tumble dry 
• Soft foam shield sandwiched between two pieces of polar fleece polyester fabric

How does it work?

HCH® Shield are made of soft dimpled silicone and covered in fabric. They are fitted to sit over the hip to absorb forces of impact in the event of a fall.

HCH® have spearheaded research in this area, and our patented product offers high compliance and greater confidence for the wearer

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Rated five stars for efficacy and superior comfort

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist my experience with clients is the loss in confidence they have upon falling and sustaining an injury. At the recommendation of a colleague, our falls prevention programs suggested the use
of Hip Protectors for our clients to overcome these barriers to a full recovery. I was apprehensive about their efficacy and effectiveness, as well as compliance with our clients. However, Hornsby Comfy Hips hygienic, soft silicone design
and comfy fit put my concerns to rest. They are now a staple in our falls prevention program, reinvigorating our clients who have sustained an injury due to a fall with the confidence to move again and have produced no hip fractures or related injuries in clients wearing Hornsby Comfy Hip protectors.

Sarah Kerr | Clinical Nurse Specialist

Throughout my long career as a senior clinical nurse, participation in our falls program and patient compliance with Hip Protectors was a herculean task.

We tried a number of different varieties however it was Hornsby Comfy Hips protectors that put these problems to bed. Their protectors were so comfortable that all our patients that even needed to sleep in them did not complain. A pleasure to use from start to finish and not a hip fracture recorded on a patient wearing Hornsby Comfy Hips protectors.

Lesley Smith | Retired Registered Nurse

When my late Husband entered care, it was insisted that he needed support and it was recommended that I contact Hornsby Comfy Hips for hip protectors.

The team were courteous, friendly and helpful to meet his needs. A stubborn man his entire life, he never once complained and insisted they were comfortable to wear. I am confident that Hornsby Comfy Hips hip protectors improved the quality of his life

Nina Putrino | Customer

Hornsby Comfy Hips hip protectors are such a great product I look forward to the day I have to wear them!

Danje Malan | Clinical Nurse

Working with a number of individuals with a variety of
different therapeutic needs in my career, Hornsby Comfy Hips Hip Protectors have been a breath of fresh air to my clients who are unsteady, at risk of falling or injury. I now solely recommend Hornsby Comfy Hips to all my clients
who need support!

Sari Deres | Occupational Therapist

The entire team at Hornsby Comfy Hips are there to help from A to Z. They don’t waste time and know exactly what you need before you know you need it.

Samantha Ross | Hospital Administration & Purchasing

I hated the idea of having to wear something like Hip Protectors every day, I heard they were heavy and uncomfortable, but Hornsby Comfy Hips relaxed fit, breathable cotton pants and soft pads are a pleasure. I
can’t recommend them highly enough!

Salvatore Russo | Customer

Speak to a person not a machine!

Ordered pants for my father in law in WA and they organised the DVA approval, contacted the nursing home and had it all done in less than a week.

Cannot recommend them highly enough!

Luigia Kerr | Customer

Within 10 mins of placing my order online (on a Saturday), I received a call from James to check my on order.

When I asked they could post directly to My Dad in NZ rather than to me in Brisbane, there was no hesitation at all.

Ahh-mazing customer service!

Jacqui Sharman | Customer

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